Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Need Your Help to Catch My Dream

Satya Manggala Pragolapati's Dream Summer in Montréal, Canada
Vote for Me!

I have entered Concordia University's “La Joie de Montréal” contest in hopes of winning a fully paid scholarship to attend summer school in Montréal.

An additional ballot will be entered into the prize draw each time my profile receives a vote. Please vote for me!

Why I Deserve to Win

Traveling all around the world is one of my passions. I'd love to see and visit other countries so I can get and find many lessons, experience, friends, and knowledge from my journey. I'm interested in this summer program because this program is not only offered one program. It gives me two programs, studying and traveling. In my opinion, it's very wonderful.

I realize, compared to other contestant, I may have the least experience and skill. However it doesn't matter for me. I can prove that I'm eligible to be selected. I have a strong willingness to learn. I am an independent person but I can also work with other people. I love challenges, traveling, and culture. Moreover, I can play traditional music instrumental of my country. And of course, I can sing my ethnic tribe song as well.

At last, I have never gone abroad before. So, it will be my first experience if I'm accepted to join this program. It can also help me to get much more chances which lie out here next time because this is going to be my first step. So would you mind helping me to get my first beautiful experience and unforgettable step?

Thank you.
My Course Choices

* Human Resources Practices: The Fundamentals (SEL 154)
* English Intensive Program
* Socio-Cultural Orientation
* Certificate Program in Page Layout

My Entertainment Choices

* The Loto-Québec World Choral Festival (June 17 – July 3)
* Canada Day
* St Jean sur Richelieu Hot Air Balloon Festival

Human Resources Practices: The Fundamentals (SEL 154)

This course examines the theory and practical application of personnel management. Topics to be discussed include recruitment, staff selection, orientation and training, wage and salary administration, and benefits management. (3 credits)English Intensive Program

This program designed to prepare students to function successfully at English-language universities or colleges. However, professionals or business people who require a high level of competency equally benefit from it. Students are trained to read academic as well as non-academic materials; listen to formal and informal talks, conversations, and lectures; participate in discussions, debates, and seminars; and write letters, papers, and exams as well as acquire good study skills. Homework and group work are integral to this program. There are eight levels of competency and written Placement Tests are issued to students to determine their initial levels of study. Adjustments can be made with the instructors during the first week of classes.Socio-Cultural Orientation

A series of evening activities will be offered to help students become aware of the socio-cultural features of the city of Montréal and of Québec society in general. Students will be exposed to the historical, cultural and gastronomical highlights of this busy city as complement to their daily experience at Concordia University. Examples of these activities include visits to seasonal world-class festivals (Jazz and Comedy), a cruise on the Saint-Lawrence River and an evening in a Montréal Jazz Club. Includes three dinners, as well as public transportation to these events. Group and institutional rates are available on request.Certificate Program in Page Layout

This certificate introduces students to both theory and practice of the required skills in Page Layout. The focus will be on professional level, project-based courses using state-of-the-art equipment. Students will develop learning skills and working methods with powerful tools to create vector based graphic elements and page layout techniques that meet the requirements of industry professionals.The Loto-Québec World Choral Festival (June 17 – July 3)

Concerts and shows bringing together tens of thousands of choir members from all over the planet.

My Current University: Diponegoro University
My Country: Indonesia

So please stufliers help me to catch my dream. Vote me by clicking the like button in the right top corner of this link: http://joiedemontreal.ca/profile/705/satya-manggala-pragolapati

Thank You and Salam Kupu-Kupu. ^^

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